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Business advisor - Co-Driver

Brenda Williamson

My career initially started in finance and share broking. I am a Chartered Accountant with a focus on the operational and strategic side of business management.  After working in senior management roles for the past 12 years, I am delighted to be back doing what I love - working with clients to make a difference!  In addition to assisting businesses  navigate their way through the post-Covid19 conditions, I provide a platform to allow you to achieve excellence in business.   

I write a regular column for the Waikato Business News - check out my articles

As an experienced co-driver for a New Zealand rally team, I am used to dealing with stressful situations and can help keep you on the road!

The idea is to be better than the rest!


Implementing a continual improvement philosophy and setting a high benchmark  will put you on the path to financial success in your business, reduce your stress levels and allow you to enjoy your business!!

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