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What do others say about me?

"Brenda has a great way of listening to her clients and asking the right questions.  She delivers advice in a calm and caring way.  There is no doubt she is result driven and makes us accountable for the success of our own business.  To have someone on the side-line with such a holistic and practical approach gives us a lot of confidence in managing our business."

"Brenda has inspired us to get passionate about our business. One friendly chat gives us the confidence and fire to push further. She invests time into our growth and transformation and genuinely cares about our business success."

"Brenda has allowed our business to excel with confidence.  We learnt early on to make decisions based on calculated risk, which assisted in creating a highly successful business. Brenda is a true leader in business and has a special way of encouraging you to break free from the crowd.  She has a high expectation for excellence and encourages you to look at perfecting the little things to ensure you’re better than the rest."


"Brenda Williamson is, without doubt, one of the clearest and most perceptive thinkers I have come across. She brings a wealth of management and business acumen to her work, pinpointing issues that need to be addressed, and providing insightful assessments on how businesses can prosper. Her calm, assured manner, excellent listening skills and analytical approach provide a strong foundation for success."          

"Brenda brings huge financial and business experience to everything that she does.  I joined  the business where she was the CFO/Deputy CEO and was always impressed at her knowledge and skill in ensuring that the business was incredibly successful.  She took the time to mentor and support me in my growth regarding the business, allowing me to learn in a supported way.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Brenda as a business and financial specialist.  She is very professional and experienced and works with people in a relaxed supportive way that encourages interaction and growth."

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